Martin Schlumpf: The Five Points


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Veröffentlicht am: November 14, 2015


Spiegelbilder (Mirror Images) for viola, cello and piano (2013) 15:07

[01] I 05:50
[02] II 09:17

Michel Rouilly, viola
Thomas Grossenbacher, cello
Petya Mihneva, piano

[03] Push and Pull for accordion solo (2013) 11:21

Sergej Tchirkov, accordion

The Five Points for clarinet and string quartet (2012) 19:24

[04] I 01:16
[05] II 02:06
[06] III 03:33
[07] IV 06:53
[08] V 05:36

Matthias Mueller, clarinet
Galatea Quartet

[09] Puzzle for bass clarinet and computer (2011) 09:35

Matthias Mueller, bass clarinet

Pandora’s Promise for alto saxophone, cello and piano (2014) 17:36
[10] I 07:04
[11] II 03:38
[12] III 06:54

Harry White, alto saxophone
Pi-Chin Chien, cello
Edward Rhuston, piano

total playing time: 73:03



„In the five works here, all written during 2011-14, allusions to Romantic chamber music are often in evidence: Schumann’s Märchenbilder in the temporal punninng of the piano trio Spiegelbilder; Brahms’s Clarinet Quintet in the pivoting between formal clarity and expressive Fantasy of the clarinet quintet The Five Points; and Clara Schumann’s Piano Trio in in the trio for alto saxophone, Cello an piano Pandora’s Promise – ist disjunctive ideas imbued with an oblique Resolution. (…) Committed readings from such artists as the excellent Galatea Quartet, and a pleasurable discovery.“

(Richard Whitehouse)






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