Carl Ludwig Hübsch: Carl Ludwig Hübsch’s Longrun Development of the Universe – The creators bend a master plan


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One of the great appeals of this trio (alright, quartet, but we’ll get to that) is that it breathes as a single living being. In concert, and on their previous recordings, Hübsch, Schubert, and Wierbos sound as though they are one three-voiced beast, singing ad libitum, moving seamlessly between written material and the stuff of their imaginations, when necessary covering mistakes, compressing coal into diamonds, all of this with apparent unified thought.

Aware that the gravitational pull of a percussionist might tear at the seams of his Universe’s bonds, Carl Ludwig Hübsch chose carefully. Although in the Universe Hübsch limits himself to tuba, he is also a talented drummer. That was one of the reasons he wanted to experiment with the effects of the right drummer on this more-than-a-decade-old trio.

In Gerry Hemingway he knew he had a singular personality who could function as a melodic voice, as on Lumière, or as a source of metric propulsion, as on Orbiting, or at times move freely between the two roles, as on Module Modulations. As important as this versatility and his innate creativity is Hemingway’s organic, intentional looseness, a flexibility that lets this now-four-voiced animal breath freely.

Scott Fields, Cologne, April 2010


Carl Ludwig Hübsch’s
Longrun Development of the Universe
The creators bend a master plan

[01] Lumière 08:31
[02] Not Even 08:35
[03] Three Pinups 09:35
[04] Orbiting 05:12
[05] Module Modulations 32:09

total time: 65:15

All compositions by Carl Ludwig Hübsch (GEMA)

Gerry Hemingway, drums
Carl Ludwig Hübsch, tuba
Matthias Schubert, tenor saxophone
Wolter Wierbos, trombone





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